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ALL NATURAL Pet and Child Safe

Finally a safe solution for those dog spots on lawns!

See Spot Run is an Natural solution to lawn and pet needs. It is effective, easy to use, economical, environmentally friendly and CHILD and PET safe!

Why Choose See Spot Run

Using Natural Organic Lawn Care products in place of traditional fertilizers can help provide you and your family with a pet and child safe environment.

Pet dogs exposed to a common weed killer die of cancer at twice the normal rate according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

What others are saying

7 in 10 Americans express concerns about health risks from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals according to a National Consumers Opinion poll by Roper Public Affairs.

A recent survey of pet owners found that over 85% want their pets to be safe from all harmful fertilizers and would not use any chemicals on their yards.

What a Veterinarian says

According to an article in the Denver Post from Veterinarian Dr. Steve Thompson at Purdue University, "Food and water additives, and nutritional supplements designed to alter urine PH make no difference in lawn damage. The problem is that some schemes to change urine pH can create potentially serious medical problems for pets including bladder stones, or a worsening of heart or kidney disease."


Build a strong foundation for your lawn.

Living microbes support grass as well as plants in your flowerbeds. Safe for people, pets, and plants.


Spots belong on your dog, not on your lawn.

Neutralize urine spots! Effective on grass and plant species! Safe for Pets, People and Plants!


Azospirillum - a nitrogen-fixing bacterium.

Increase root mass and density. Improves turf and soil health. Increase drought resistance.