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We have collected a list of frequently asked questions regarding See Spot Run's product usage.

Every 6-8 weeks is the suggested frequency. Spot treatment may be needed if an area is “overwhelmed” by the dog(s). As you see the beginnings of new spots, reapply See Spot Run.
See Spot Run works on contact with the soil. We suggest you lightly water in to rinse off the product on the grass blade to get it into the soil.
As soon as See Spot Run is watered in, you can let everyone back onto the lawn.
See Spot Run will not cure the “leaf burn” caused by Pet urine. With application of See Spot Run on the soil surface around the plants, it will help in preventing the urine killing the roots of the plants as it does with the grass.
You can use See Spot Run with weed killers. We suggest that you raise your mower deck to allow deeper roots. Healthier grass goes a long way in helping control weeds. From there, spot treatment should be all you need.
We recommend that you limit the use if possible, but we have no data as to how they might affect our products. Once again, the healthier the grass, the better it takes care of itself.
Yes! New sod is very vulnerable to damage from dog urine due to its’ short root structure. The quicker you can get deeper roots along with See Spot Run, the less suseptible the new sod will be to damage from the urine.
In the spring, just as you see the signs of spring showing up in the greening of your grass. See Spot Run works best when the ground temperature is at least 50 degrees. You can apply See Spot Run through to fall, and a late application at the end of the growing season will help during the winter when your pets are continuing activity on the lawn.
Yes, just set the dial setting on the applicator you are using to 2 oz. per gallon and apply.
You can keep See Spot Run in your garage as long as it does not freeze or the temperature does not go above 110 degrees.
Yes, it works on all soils. Again, remember to water into the soil and off of the plants. See Spot Run works in the soil and not on the plants.
Depending on the size of the dead spot, the application of See Spot Run will allow the unaffected grass to infill the spot. A larger spot allows you to reseed and grow new grass in the dead area. You should start seeing results within 2 weeks. The more active the grass during the season, the quicker the results. Applying See Spot Run over the total lawn will help prevent new spots from appearing.